Circumstance - Circumstantial Wheat 1:3:1:4:5 – Independent spirit of Bath

Circumstance - Circumstantial Wheat 1:3:1:4:5

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The first release of 'Circumstantial Wheat' from Bristol distillery Circumstance. This spirit keeps with Circumstance's house style of long fermentations and short ageing to produce vibrant, full flavoured spirits. As this is yet to reach 3yrs in oak it cannot be classed as whisky, however, the quality of these small batch releases are truely exceptional. This grain spirit is made from 83% wheat and 17% malted barley. fermented using Bavarian wheat, French saison and distillers yeasts. 12 day fermentation. It is aged on a 30L English chestnut casks. Tasting notes - Sweet and creamy with rich fruity toffee notes and a buttery finish.

1x70CL 48%ABV