Friends in Mead

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Crafted from a blend of over 250 honey varieties from across the world, Friends in Mead is a moment of serendipity: an encounter between Hive Mind and the Guild of Fine Food, organisers of the international food & drink accreditation scheme, Great Taste.

A chance conversation about the increasing honey entries from across the globe, and the need to find a more meaningful way to utilise opened jars of leftover honey, led to the inaugural batch of Friends in Mead.

This unique creation not only captures the diverse and distinctive notes of the honeys it contains, but also stands as a testament to the tireless efforts of beekeepers globally.

Beyond its exceptional taste, Friends in Mead carries a profound mission: devoting 100% of its profits to support the valuable work of the charity Bees Abroad, this mead is a celebration of the crucial role played by bees in our ecosystem. Indulge in a sip and join us in raising a glass to acknowledge the dedication of beekeepers across the globe.

1 x 500ml 12.5%ABV