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Fyne Ales - Nàdar Rhubarb

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Sharp rhubarb tartness mellows into stone-fruit flavours before gentle barnyard funk and a balanced, dry finish.

The first release in our new Nàdar series of spontaneously fermented beers finished with a variety of additions showcases the sweet and sour fruit character of Scottish rhubarb in a complex, aged and blended wild ale.

Combining vintages of beers fermented only using the native Glen Fyne mircroflora and aged for a minimum of one year in oak barrels, Nàdar Rhubarb was finished on the Scottish fruit for a further six months before bottling, augmenting the base beer’s gentle acidity and adding a very subtle edge of fruity bitterness to the funky, complex flavour profile.

1x375ML 6.3%ABV