Gipsy Hill - Bourgeois Blend 1 – Independent spirit of Bath

Gipsy Hill - Bourgeois Blend 1

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Blend One is part of GH's first Barrel Aged release.
It’s a Golden Sour Ale fermented in oak barrels. Primary souring took place in steel before being racked into a mix of French Oak, Red & White wine barrels for fermentation. It was pitched with a mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria harvested and grown-up from a selection of their favourite Sour Beers.
The 6 barrels they used each showed a range of distinct unique characteristics that they selectively blended into two batches (Blend One and Two) to achieve a sense of balance and quality.
The result is two deeply sour Golden ales with their own distinctive intricacies.

1x 750ML 7%ABV