Murray McDavid - Half 'N' Half 10YR – Independent spirit of Bath

Murray McDavid - Half 'N' Half 10YR

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A homage to a classic combination, a tradition born in the old bars of Glasgow, the ‘half n half’ – a half pint of beer with a whisky. This limited release comes from just 3 former bourbon barrels. 50% single malt from Speyside along with 50% sweet, Lowland grain from Girvan Distillery all married together for further maturation in a large sherry butt.
This delightful dram is lightly floral on the nose with cut grass followed by rich custard.
On the palate we have a wonderfully full bodied vanilla, sherbet lemon, toffee apple
with brown sugar, honey and pine nuts on the long finish. Limited to 1466btls
1x70CL 46%ABV