Murray Mcdavid - Safe Haven PX Finish – Independent spirit of Bath

Murray Mcdavid - Safe Haven PX Finish

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From a distillery first built in 1798, off the west coast of Scotland, this is a youthful single malt bursting with beautifully heavy peat. Our mystery offering is a spirit known by the original distillery name, meaning ‘safe haven’. This outstanding malt will put a smile on the face of every peat lover and its origin may also surprise you… By using this spirit whilst young, we have captured the best of its heavy, peaty character. This spirit has spent the last 6 months maturing in PX Sherry casks from our partners Bodegas Ximénez- Spínola, in Jerez, Spain. These casks have added deeper flavours to compliment this rare, smoky spirit. A Mystery Malt to puzzle, delight and reward.

1x 70CL 50%ABV