Northern Monk - Homebrew Heroes/ Shepards Warning – Independent spirit of Bath

Northern Monk - Homebrew Heroes/ Shepards Warning

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The winning brew from Northern Monk's homebrew comp, brewed by Chris Morley. A red IPA featuring three different degrees of caramel malt. Carared sits alongside light and dark crystal malts to give the beer a deep ruby hue, and a rich sweet caramel flavour. The addition of wheat and Munich malts to the grain bill then contribute to produce a full-bodied beer which is rounded out with British hops. To begin, Admiral is added into the boil, before the surprisingly fruity varieties of Olicana, Jester and the experimental CF182 (also known as Opus) are added into the whirlpool and dry hop. These provide complementing citrus flavours that pair well with the caramel base created by the malts.

1x 440ML 6.3%ABV