Thompson Bros - Inchgower 13 Year Old

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*** Strictly one bottle per customer ***

The aroma presents a medley of prunes, chalky notes, and a zesty burst of lemon juice. There's a subtle hint of pilsner beer alongside doughy and grassy elements, with herbal nuances. Snail pastry brings a unique twist, complemented by butterscotch, caramel latte, and the subtle presence of oak lactones. On the palate, the experience unfolds with the crunch of nutty corn flakes, followed by the sweetness of baklava and the earthy richness of pistachio. Candy floss adds a whimsical touch, while soda bread rounds out the flavours. The finish is characterized by a marshmallowy texture with a subtle hint of pebbly notes, bringing a satisfying conclusion to the tasting journey.

1 x 70cl 54.7%ABV