Thompson Bros - Invergordon 34 Year Old

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*** Strictly one bottle per customer ***

The aroma offers a comforting blend of baked red apples and the delicate sweetness of poached Williams pear, intertwined with the piquant kick of wholegrain mustard and the tangy brightness of preserved lemon. There's a subtle suggestion of unoaked Chardonnay alongside the freshness of unripe strawberry, with a dessert-like hint of steamed ginger pudding drizzled with crème anglaise. On the palate, the apple notes continue, with the sharpness of red apple peel balanced by hints of fermenting apples. The profile leans towards wheat, accompanied by the creamy richness of vanilla custard and the warming spice of stem ginger in syrup. Pear drops add a playful sweetness, while quince and lime zest contribute a vibrant freshness. The finish gradually builds in complexity, with a gentle spice emerging, characterized by notes of white pepper and mustard seed. The creamy, fruity character persists, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.

1 x 70cl 47.1%ABV