Trillium - Apricot Stonington – Independent spirit of Bath

Trillium - Apricot Stonington

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This New England Saison is aged in French oak Chardonnay casks for sixteen months to layer in a bright vinous character before being blended back into stainless to carry out a secondary fermentation on apricots for three months.

Pouring a lightly hazy orange-yellow, Apricot Stonington has a stone fruit intensive nose with undertones of white grape, lightly toasted oak, and mild earthy funk. Bold profiles of apricot nectar and overripe yellow peach are balanced against a crisp, biscuity malt backbone and a touch of oak spice on the palate. Finishes semisweet with a pleasant acidity and light mouthfeel.

1x330ML 7.5%ABV