Miyagikyo Single Malt - Aromatic Yeast, Nikka Discovery

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This rare version of Miyagikyo single malt is part of the “Nikka Discovery” series: an inside look at the various experiments made during the whisky making process at Nikka. Focusing on the use of yeasts, this expression enhances fruity aromas and flavours of peach and apricot.

NOSE: Refined and exuberant notes of lavender, marshmallow, soft liquorice and lush malted barley. Allowed to breathe, it shows flowering meadow, and peach, pear, apricot. Gradually, notes of vanilla, coconut milk and lemon meringue tart draw out the first stage of the tasting.

PALATE: Radiant, well-balanced. The whisky has a full body and mouthfeel which displays herbaceous notes but also barley, brioche, white peaches, and acacia honey.

FINISH: Long and silky with fresh flavours of herbal tea (sage, camomile, verbena), notes of salt, cut grass and spices with subtle aromas of pear and lily of the valley.

1x70CL 48%ABV