Silent Forest

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A light but rich nose of honey, melon & dried apricot greets the Silent Forest drinker. This is a medium-bodied sake, rich, slightly sweet and with solid acidity.

When drunk cold the cooked fruit, honey, cinnamon and rice flavours are layered and nuanced with the acidity providing stable structure. This is not a delicate sake with light, ethereal citrus or berry flavours – as is typical for the junmai ginjo category – rather, Silent Forest has more rich, earthy and comforting flavours that, as well as being delicious on their own, also pair superbly with salty foods or pickles, creamy cheeses and foods with umami flavours (a cheeseburger is a great match!)

If heated, Silent Forest ‘comes alive’ as the flavours, acidity and alcohol are heightened. At this temperature we recommend pairing with fatty foods as the acidity will help dissolve the fat molecules and spread flavour around the mouth. Belly of pork is a delightful match.

1 x 720ml 16%ABV