Berry Bros & Rudd - Epris Brazilian Rum 2011 Single Cask

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This exquisite Brazilian rum from Epris distillery exudes a ripe fruitiness and smoky depth on its first nosing, a hint of cacacha. There is a tarry element with underlying notes of overripe banana cut with lime astringency. Overall, this is elegantly refined and finely balanced. The palate has a grapier taste to it on first approach, before settling and delivering some caramelised elements. The banana returns to soften the initial impact, yet the citrus is plain to be felt. The wood, from American refill barrels and some indigenous Imbuana, is effortlessly integrated. This is an excellent marriage of 80% cane juice and 20% molasses and quite a masterstroke of blending the two. Distilled in 2011, this cask had 6 years in Brazil before being moved to our cooler climes

1x70CL 51.2%ABV