Butirah Syrah Sicilia DOC Magnum

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Among the international grape varieties that best adapt to the hot Sicilian climate there is undoubtedly Syrah. Native to the Rhone Valley in France, it gives wines full loads of colour and fragrance. Wines that usually also have a typical spicy note that can remind one of black pepper or dark chocolate, depending on the climate. Feudo Principi di Butera offers a particularly interesting version of Syrah. Grapes that come from vineyards slightly on slopes and properly exposed to the sea to benefit from the influence of sea breezes. In the glass it is a beautiful deep ruby red colour with great intensity. The nose expresses intense and rich scents. Notes of well-ripened red fruit and sweet spices. In the mouth it is rich, enveloping and well structured. A wine that could be described as juicy and pleasantly fruity.

1 x 1.5L 14%ABV