Gozenshu Yuzushu

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Gozenshu Yuzushu never fails to impress, you just can’t believe anyone has managed to pack so much carefully balanced flavour into one bottle!

Made from whole, locally grown yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit, like lemons but sweeter) and blended with Rocky Mountain Junmai (Tsuji Honten’s finest Junmai sake made using the ancient Bodaimoto method and using Omachi rice) this sake really delivers.

Rich, sweet yet balanced marmalade flavours greet the drinker (our other Yuzushu, Kodakara Yuzu, by contrast is crisp and zesty)

Suitable as an aperitif, dessert wine or simply enjoyed at the end of a long day!

Best served chilled and neat, on the rocks, or with soda as a yuzushu spritzer. TOP TIP – try with tonic for a super refreshing summer’s drink.

1 x 500ML 9%ABV