Sankou RAW Sake

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Sankou RAW is a full-bodied, thick, dense and vivacious Honjozo Nama Genshu from Sanko Masamune in Okayama Prefecture. The can format ensures no light can spoil the contents and so taste, freshness and vibrancy remain, even though the sake is unpasteurised (nama).

Juicy melon, pear, pineapple and banana with sharp lemon peel, grapefruit & red apple flavours backed up with intense umami and notes of dried fruits. Enjoy chilled, Sankou RAW Can also be served as a slushy from the can (or in a glass)! To do this, leave the can in your freezer overnight, take it out and give it a good shake. You’ll hear the sake thickening up until there’s an obvious sound difference. Open and enjoy!

1 x 200ml 20%ABV