Tatenokawa Phoenix

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The Grammy Award-winning French rock band Phoenix collaborated with Tatenokawa brewery to release a new project, but this time it isn’t a new record, it is a new sake!

The project was very much a labour of love for the two parties, who were introduced by the late Toshiro Kuroda. Kuroda-san was the proprietor of Workshop ISSE, a Japanese speciality shop in Paris. Kuroda-san dedicated himself to teaching others about sake & Japanese cuisine and it was he who introduced the band to Tatenokawa. Sadly, Mr Kuroda passed away before he could see this sake’s first release, and a portion of the brewery’s profits from sales is donated to the Japanese Red Cross in his name.

Tatenokawa Phoenix is a slight departure from Tatenokawa’s ‘house style’ (Kuroda-san’s influence) and it expresses less of the exotic tropical fruit notes that Tatenokawa are known for (Geek note: they use only Kyokai Kobo #9 rather than their usual blend of #9 & #1801 yeasts). There’s also a shade more body, umami and acidity.

This makes Tatenokawa Phoenix great with food! Enjoy with a range of cuisines including roasts, sushi, rich fish & shellfish, oysters, fried foods and soft cheeses.

1 x 720ml 14%ABV