Waterford - Bannow Island 1.2

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The second edition from Bannow Island is four months older than the first edition and uses barley grown by Ed Harpur on the extreme Southern coast of Co.Wexford where the salt-laden Atlantic winds and sandy soils create a unique and challenging terroir. Formaturation 36% of the casks used were first-fill American oak, 21% were virgin American oak, 17%  were French oak and 26% were previously used to age vindoux naturel(fortifiedwines). A honey appearance with oils that grip the glass.A malty aroma on the nose with ripe pears, raisins and floralnotes. Fruitynotes greet the palate with honey, caramel, malted biscuits and a hint of spice. A long lasting oiliness with a spicy heat finish that turns dry.

1 x 70CL 50%ABV