Wye Valley Meadery - Traditional Mead 200ML

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From the hills, meadows, hedgerows and woodlands of the Wye Valley. A celebration of the years harvest in a bottle with over 70,000 bee miles flown for the honey in this bottle.

Over half honey by volume before fermentation, our traditional mead is sweet, rich and moreish, this is a bottle of liquid gold.

1x 200ML 14.5%ABV

**2 STAR Great Taste Award 2022**
Judges notes:
"Pale gold, gently hazy in the glass. The honey aroma is deep and rich, rendered more complex by a hint of wet gabardine. The palate initially surprised with its high abv and relative dryness, but the wealth of flavour is maintained with remarkable clarity, even a hint of honeycomb and hive. Full bodied and deeply warming, we feel this is an archetypal, abbey-style mead, made with care and precision."
"A delicate primrose yellow with a gentle cloudy hue. A beautiful honeyed nose with wafts of wild flower and the foraging environment of the bee. Hints of the hive and bee are mellow yet blend beautifully to deliver a really appealing character. Sweet, gentle, rounded, smooth aromas translate through to the palate delivering a delightful, fully flavoured, fragrant, floral, soft, yet rich, fruity mead. Hints of citrus balance the honeyed sweetness. There are suggestions of both sweet orange and zesty lemon. A truly lengthy and luxurious finish. Carefully and beautifully balanced, levels of sweetness and acidity are spot on. Complex and vibrant which a flavour that keeps delivering on flavour. An utter treasure.