Yoichi Single Malt - Aromatic Yeast, Nikka Discovery

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This rare version of Yoichi single malt is part of the “Nikka Discovery” series: an inside look at the various experiments made during the whisky making process at Nikka. Focusing on the use of yeasts, this expression recalls estery aroma reminiscent of Ginjyo sake.

NOSE: Fine, distinguished, maritime smoke clearly dominates. Allowed to breathe, it makes way for apple, pear, melon, lily, carnation and mint.

PALATE: Firm, lively. Herbaceous, salty and earthy the whisky shows notes of tulip, cyclamen, Mirabelle and coastal flavours.

FINISH: Long, crisp and smooth with white grapes and plum aromas. Delicate notes of liquorice and smoke can be found also.

1x70CL 48%ABV